The club meets at 7:30 PM on the last Wednesday of the month. Our next meeting is at the Coalyard in DeRuyter, New York.


Position Name Phone Email
President Kyle Hirt 315-750-8640 hirt35 at yahoo dot com
Vice President Cody Westfall 315-391-6438 westfalldairycw at gmail dot com
Secretary Marlene Westcott 315-655-8099 SVRmembership at gmail dot com
Treasurer Raymond Westcott 315-655-8099 snowvaltreas at gmail dot com


Trail Coordinators
Location Name Phone
Cazenovia Fred Hirt 315-662-3601
DeRuyter Stan Covert 315-852-3337
Fenner Justin Foringer 315-440-9165
Nelson Terry Sevier 315-662-7352