The club meets at 7:30 PM on the last Wednesday of the month. Our next meeting is at the Coalyard in DeRuyter, New York.

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The 2 TIER registration explanation: When registering your sled for 2017-2018 the snowmobile registration fee system will be “two tiered.” That is, club members will pay less to register their sleds in New York than non-club members. This will impart fairness to a situation where club members incur the costs and responsibilities of grooming and maintaining the state’s vast trail system; a system that is predominately located on non-public lands. Currently, the fee for registering a sled is $45.00, with $10.00 of that amount going to the state for administration, and $35.00 going to the state’s trail fund. The fund is used to reimburse clubs for part of the cost they incur from trail grooming and maintenance and for providing liability coverage for the trail system. The letter from our club’s president outlines the recent changes and charges for club membership View the President’s Membership Letter.pdf Non club members: sled registration fee will be $100.00, with $10.00 going to the state and $90.00 for deposit into the trail fund.  JOIN SVR TODAY AND SAVE……

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